NameRockstar B.V. is a boutique investment fund focused on digital real estate. We own and develop some of the best domain names for the new web.

Make your mark in the competitive artificial intelligence landscape with this sweet and joyfully brand.

A captivating domain name that evokes a sense of uniqueness and sophistication. Ideal for diverse industries, captures attention and sparks curiosity.


We have helped hundreds of companies to acquire their dream domain name over the years. Some clients include Gala Games, Horizen, Genie, Responsive, Milo, Rise, Seal and Moby.

A wild domain name that injects energy and playfulness into your brand. With a hint of mischief, this memorable and brandable name is perfect for ventures that embrace creativity and a rebellious spirit.

A domain that echoes innovation and intelligence. With a nod to the vibrant and communicative nature of parrots, this name resonates with tech-savvy and forward-thinking businesses. Fly high in the digital landscape with – where innovation takes flight.


Whether you're launching a startup, rebranding, or seeking a memorable online presence, our consultancy service can help provide strategic insights and a keen understanding of the domain name aftermarket.

A flourishing domain that cultivates a strong and memorable brand presence. Rooted in the essence of 'horticulture,' this name evokes images of growth, sustainability, and natural beauty. Ideal for businesses in gardening, agriculture, or eco-friendly ventures, stands as a versatile and timeless brand asset.

An owl-inspired domain that embodies wisdom, mystery, and nocturnal charm. Rooted in the Italian word for 'owl,' adds a touch of elegance and intellect to your brand. Choose a brand that stands out in the digital forest.


If you are interested in one of the domain names currently owned by NameRockstar B.V. you can reach us by email.